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Lloyd has been obsessed with Krav Maga since his very first lesson. What started out as “I fancy a go at that”, turned into training religiously, four times a week.

Attending various seminars with the KMG Global Team, Eyal Yanilov, Ze’ev Cohen, Ilya Dunsky, Moran Laskov, Tommy Blom, Rune Lind, seminars with amongst others, Royce Gracie, Rory Miller, training in the birthplace of krav Maga, Israel, and passing through the grading system, he was selected to take part in the renowned & gruelling General Instructors Course (GIC).

This course run by Krav Maga Global (KMG) is known as the most
comprehensive self defence instructors training course in the world, and not for the faint hearted.

Lloyd has found his passion in teaching, and excels working with children & teens. After a few years with his previous club, & due to high demand in the Thurrock area from Parents, he decided to branch out. Thus Apex Krav Maga was born.

  • Krav Maga Civilian Instructor
  • Krav Maga Kids and Teens Instructor
  • GFM Level 1 Instructor
  • Self Defence Trainer - BTEC Level 3 Advanced
  • British Combat Association - Instructor
  • Chiron Training/CRGI - Instructor Development Course
  • Full DBS Clearance
Happy to be awarded the KMG Instructor Diploma by Ilya Dunsky, Expert 5
Caroline is our business director, and is responsible for the direction in which we wish the club to progress. Her working background has been in business account management, and brings this experience to Apex Krav Maga.

Over the last twelve years, a career change saw her working as a counsellor, with Essex police & the NHS. This saw her working primarily with families affected by addictions.

More recently, Caroline has been working closely with children on a one to one basis.

She has had plenty of experience and great success in working with children with special needs, autism, and ADHD.

These varying skills and experience will bring valuable guidance to the club. Caroline is passionate about making Apex Krav Maga, a diverse and all inclusive club.


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    I first met Lloyd a few years ago at the premier event organised by KMG UK which is their annual P and G camp. I was struck by how friendly and personable he was and by his obvious love for Krav Maga.

    Fast forward a couple of years and I have had the privilege to train with him and spend time with him at various events. He is a great person to be around as he brings his fun-loving, upbeat and positive energy with him, which is contagious.

    Make no mistake though, despite being a friendly, approachable guy he takes his Krav Kaga very seriously!
    Tara V
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    Knowing Lloyd for the past 3 years plus and having trained with him as a training partner and as an instructor he has always given 100% to his training and promotes his students to do the same.

    Whether that be a physical demonstration or a verbal instruction the techniques are fully explained and the reasons why Krav Maga is a simple but effective system.

    Lloyd has also taught my 7 year old child previously and as a parent his enthusiasm and energy are something to be witnessed.

    A straight up no nonsense professional.
    Paul K
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    Lloyd is a very professional and capable instructor. I saw him go from a very impressive student of Krav Maga, to a highly respected Instructor.

    He trains and corrects pupils in an encouraging way and is also happy to take feedback on his training. Although the concept of Krav Maga is of a serious nature, Lloyd can still make a class enjoyable and fun without undermining the importance of what we were learning.

    Lloyd makes a concious effort to get to know his pupils and his amiable and approachable demeanour makes it very easy to ask questions, no matter how obvious or silly it may seem.
    Lisa H
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    I have had the pleasure of watching Lloyd teach my daughter Krav Maga for a little over a year and can honestly say he has the perfect balance of fun & discipline in the class.

    I Always knew my daughter was totally safe in his hands and when my daughter did on a few occasions struggle with some moves Lloyd showed patience and understanding and gave her the extra help and confidence to tackle those moves.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!
    Debbie V
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    Lloyd has been a fantastic Krav Maga instructor to me, instilling confidence in my abilities as well ensuring I am using the correct technique.

    His lessons are always well structured which makes even the most complicated move easy to master. Kida!
    Andy McG
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    My boys have been doing Krav Maga for about a year and it's the best self defence class they could have gotten into.

    It's built their confidence and self esteem so much and it's thanks to their teacher Lloyd. Watching him work and have patience with my boys was a pleasure to watch.

    One of the best trainers by far. Not only is Lloyd excellent with all the kids he teaches but he is excellent with the parents too. He is willing to listen to opinions and observations and take on board what they are saying... And act on it, if it's beneficial to the child and/or class.

    A genuinely nice man who has the children's best interests at heart.
    Jodie W
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    Lloyd was a great instructor, he always managed to get through to the kids and teach them what they needed to learn but always made the lesson fun and enjoyable.

    He genuinely cared about the kids and was passionate for them to learn and grow in their strengths.
    Kathy H
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    I’ve been lucky enough to train with Lloyd both as a training partner and as a student for the last three years and his love for Krav Maga shows, not only when training but when passing that knowledge on as well.

    When teaching he explains the techniques in a way that is easy to understand and with humour, breaking it down so that it’s not an information overload but also why it is done that way.

    Both my kids have also been lucky enough to be taught by him. His teaching style kept the attention of a class of kids focused on him so that they could understand the subject being taught.

    So I can highly recommend Lloyd as an instructor to help you or your children on their self defence journey with Krav Maga
    Matt D
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    I have been lucky enough to be Lloyd's training partner and student and I have to say that I recommend him 100%.

    Lloyd makes learning KMG easy and fun and always helps you when you need it. I am delighted to have been part of his classes,

    The best thing about Lloyd is that he enjoys teaching KMG and he takes it very seriously so makes you feel confident about your self and your leaning.

    If you want to learn how to defend yourself, get fit and have a good time with a great teacher, go ahead and enrol yourself ASAP!
    Rosa C
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    Lloyd is a knowledgable, passionate and friendly instructor and his sessions are always interesting and rewarding.

    His friendly approachable manner makes for a great atmosphere and I always take something away from every session.

    Stuart K
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    I have known Lloyd for about 2 years as a Krav Maga instructor, he has been an excellent instructor to the new students all the way up to the more experience Students, which I have been both.

    He is not only knowledgeable about the subject but his friendly and encouraging manner brings the best out in you.

    I would be more than happy to train with Lloyd and recommend him to anyone who wants to learn.
    Paul M
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    Both myself and my daughter have been taught by the chief instructor, very informative, enjoyable and a great way to get fit and learn Krav Maga.
    Craig W
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    Since joining Krav Maga, I have been impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm Lloyd has shown whilst coaching regardless of level.

    I have gained a true friend with the bonus of being able to practice self defence training.

    I know Lloyd will go far with his training as his passion for Krav Maga is a delight to be part of and his energy is contagious.
    Paul C