Apex Kids

Apex Krav Maga specialises in teaching Children's self defence in Thurrock.


If you are looking for your children to increase their self-confidence, levels of fitness, be more active, and truly learn valuable life skills, then you have come to the right place!
Children are a constant worry for their parents, and unfortunately with violence on the rise, and bullying more common, the threats faced by children are wide & varying.

Many parents send their children to various after school clubs, Football, Gymnastics, etc. Becoming a member of Apex Krav Maga we can offer your child with one more vital ingredient; Self-defence.

Through Krav Maga training, we teach children to be physically and mentally fitter, polite, disciplined, focused, and confident.

Here at Apex Krav Maga, our sole aim is to provide your children with the skills necessary, to deal with confrontational situations.