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New Beginings

So, the club has now been open a week, and what a week it's been. At the time of writing we've taught over eighty children, with many more lined up to take their first steps into learning some valuable life skills.

In just four lessons, the children's retention of knowledge has been proven, with a little test we did tonight. The results were outstanding, with 90% of them remembering something taught once, for the first time a week ago! The other 10% were new starters, who also picked it up on the second go, so well done kids!

Being my own boss (Caroline will argue that I'm not) is allowing me to be more creative, which children themselves have in abundance. Discussions with like-minded people has given me so many new ideas which the children can only benefit from. One new idea tonight worked really well, which has led to another idea I have. Eureka!

This being only the begining, we've still a long way to go before we reach our long term goal, but with a meeting later this week, we should be sowing the seeds for the club's future.

More classes this week so time to stop waffling on & get some rest, but just want to end with some thanks:

Firstly, a huge thank you to my partner in crime, my wife Caroline Trotman. It was her idea to create the club, and without her Apex Krav Maga simply wouldn't exist. Her support through some tough months has been priceless, and now we're beginning to see the fruits of our labours!

Secondly, another huge thank you to our Parents, who've shown nothing but encouragement. Always helps to have family who have over 40 years of running successful businesses providing advice, wisdom, & insights.

A massive thank you to the local community of Chafford Hundred, Thurrock, and to Tudor Court School. The response to our offering a Self-Defence club for children has been quite frankly, overwhelming. The offers of support & help from so many people has helped make this a dream come true.